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AlphaFS 1.6

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Updated: Jan 4, 2015 by Yomodo
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Release Notes

Next stable release, planned for January 16th, 2015.
  • New: The public key of AlphaFS.dll has changed, delay-signing is no longer used.
  • New: Unit Tests, also act as code samples.
  • New: Numerous bugfixes, optimizations and (AlphaFS) overloaded methods implementations.
  • New: Complete implementation of .NET 4.5 File(Info) and Directory(Info) classes.
  • New: Complete implementation of .NET 4.5 DriveInfo() class and with UNC support.
  • New: Complete implementation of .NET 4.5 Path() class.
  • New: Implemented Unicode aka "Long Path" handling for all Win32 API functions that support it.
  • New: Added support for NuGet.
  • New: Added support for building against .NET 4.0, 4.5, and 4.5.1 in addition to 3.5.
  • New: Supports networking by enumerating hosts and shares (SMB/DFS) and connect/disconnect to/from network resources (AlphaFS.Network.Host() class).
  • New: Supports working with NTFS ADS (Alternate Data Streams) on files and folders (AlphaFS.Filesystem.AlternateDataStreamInfo() class).
  • New: Supports enumerating connected PnP devices (AlphaFS.Filesystem.Device() / AlphaFS.Filesystem.DeviceInfo() classes).
  • New: Supports extracting icons from files and folders (AlphaFS.Filesystem.Shell32Info() class).
  • New: Supports isFullPath parameter for numerous methods to control path normalization. This speeds up things internally (less string processing and GetFullPath() calls) and also enables working with files and folders with a trailing dot or space:
    • false (slow): (default) Path will be checked and resolved to an absolute path. Unicode prefix is applied.
    • true (fast): Path is an absolute path. Unicode prefix is applied.
    • null (fastest): Path is already an absolute path with Unicode prefix. Use as is.
  • Mod: Enabled KernelTransaction parameter for all Win32 API functions that support it.
  • Mod: Added public read only properties to class FileSystemInfo().
    • Available for: DirectoryInfo() / FileInfo()
      • EntryInfo: Instance of the FileSystemEntryInfo() class.
      • LengthStreams: Retrieves the actual number of bytes of disk storage used by all streams (NTFS ADS).
      • Transaction: Represents the KernelTransaction that was passed to the constructor.
  • Mod: Added more entries to enum ReparsePointTag.
  • Mod: Removed method Directory.CountFiles() and added method Directory.CountFileSystemObjects().
  • Mod: Removed method Directory.GetFullFileSystemEntries() and added method Directory.EnumerateFileSystemEntryInfos().
    • Note: This new method currently does not support DirectoryEnumerationExceptionHandler, this will probably be added in a future release.
  • Mod: Renamed method Directory.GetFileIdBothDirectoryInfo() to Directory.EnumerateFileIdBothDirectoryInfo().
  • Mod: Method Directory.CreateDirectory() signature change: Using template directory.
    • Ability for NTFS-compressed folders added.
  • Mod: Method Directory.GetProperties() signature change.
  • Mod: Renamed method File.GetFileInformationByHandle() to File.GetFileInfoByHandle().
  • Mod: Removed overloaded method File.GetFileInformationByHandle(FileStream).
  • Mod: Removed overloaded AlphaFS methods File.Move() using MoveFileOptions and CopyProgressRoutine, and added method File.Move1().
  • Mod: Renamed method Volume.GetDeviceForVolumeName() to Volume.GetVolumeDeviceName().
  • Mod: Renamed method Volume.GetDisplayNameForVolume() to Volume.GetVolumeDisplayName().
  • Mod: Renamed method Volume.GetVolumeInformation() to Volume.GetVolumeInfo().
  • Mod: Renamed method Volume.GetVolumeMountPoints() to Volume.EnumerateVolumeMountPoints().
  • Mod: Renamed method Volume.GetVolumePathNamesForVolume() to Volume.EnumerateVolumePathNames().
  • Mod: Renamed method Volume.GetVolumes() to Volume.EnumerateVolumes().
  • Mod: Method Volume.DefineDosDevice() signature change.
  • Mod: Method Volume.QueryDosDevice() signature change.
  • Mod: Method Volume.QueryAllDosDevices() signature change.
  • Mod: Removed method Volume.GetLogicalDrives() in favor of method Directory.GetLogicalDrives().
  • Mod: Class VolumeInfo() constructor signature change.
  • Mod: Class VolumeInfo() properties updated/changed.
  • Mod: Added method Volume.Refresh().
  • Mod: Changed struct DiskSpaceInfo() to class.
  • Mod: Class DiskSpaceInfo() constructor signature change.
  • Mod: Class DiskSpaceInfo() properties added.
  • Mod: Added method DiskSpaceInfo.Refresh().
  • Mod: Refactored Path() class.
  • Removed classes PathInfoXxx().
  • Removed method Path.IsValidPath(), was part of PathInfo() class.
  • Improved upon exceptions thrown, resulting in the removal of AlphaFS exception types:
  • Removed AlreadyExistsException.
  • Removed DeviceNotReadyException.
  • Removed DirectoryNotEmptyException.
  • Removed IllegalPathException.
  • Removed enum DriveType in favor of System.IO.DriveType enum.
  • Removed enum FileAccess in favor of System.IO.FileAccess enum.
  • Removed enum FileAttributes in favor of System.IO.FileAttributes enum.
  • Removed enum FileMode in favor of System.IO.FileMode enum.
  • Removed enum FileOptions in favor of System.IO.FileOptions enum.
  • Removed enum FileShare in favor of System.IO.FileShare enum.
  • Removed enum FileSystemRights in favor of System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemRights enum.
  • Removed enum FileType, obsolete.
  • Removed enum EnumerationExceptionDecision, obsolete.
  • Removed enum IoControlCode.cs, obsolete.
  • Renamed enum BackupStreamType to AlternateDataStreamInfo.
  • Renamed enum CopyProgressResult to CopyMoveProgressResult.
  • Renamed enum MoveFileOptions to MoveOptions.
  • Renamed class BackupStreamInfo to BackupFileStream.
  • Renamed class DeviceIo to Device.
  • Renamed delegate CopyProgressResult to CopyMoveProgressResult.